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The company offers designers and enterprises its own patented systems, such as the international GLASStoGLASS®, trademark, used since the 90s, in the construction of structural façades and the modern technology in making floors, steps, railings, roofs and façades that are "all glass" with "high safety".

In addition, anyone interested in customizing interiors with highlights and colour reflections can take advantage of the assistance of our qualified staff in the design and creation of furnishing material made with extra clear, coloured, laminated and photographed crystal glass. Etching can also be done with various subjects on windows, walls and doors. All glass desks and tables, clocks, bracket lamps and custom designed handles are part of our production.

With the latest generation numerical control systems, we able to acieve all types of machining on glass, including decoration and painting with over 1750 tones of colour that is done on special crystal glass of various thicknesses ranging from 3 mm. to 24 mm.

Glasswas always considered a simple and fragile element of closure, whereas today, with its transparency and increasingly better thermal and acoustic insulation, it is playing. a very important role in the building trade, interior design and image sectors.

We are always ready and motivated to welcome the architectural challenges of “all glass with high safety.”

All glass construction
in 1969 with vertical
crystal glass "stabilizers",
which are now
referred to as fins
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